This service delivers personal care on an individual basis for the people residing in their own houses. The services used by people vary greatly according to their needs, but our care packages are tailored to meet different circumstances.

Care provider visits at different hours during the day. In some cases, care is provided round the clock.

  • A day starts with a simple “good morning” greeting. Later, helping you wake up, freshen up, bathe or shower, change clothes and have breakfast.
  • Reminding or assisting to take your medication on time.
  • Collecting or returning the required medication from your dispensing GP surgery or pharmacy.
  • Helping you cook, making meals for you and assisting while you eat.
  • Accompanying you as you collect your pension or simply collect it for you.
  • Helping you create a list for shopping or shop with you.
  • Visiting the shops and put all the things back after shopping.
  • Keep your residence neat and organised. Also, help you wash your clothes and iron them.
  • Accompany you at social gatherings or affairs such as visiting friends or family, going to club or church for prayers, attending a day care centre or even for a walk.
  • A little bit of pampering is always provided by MK Living whenever it is required.
  • Preparing you and helping you get ready for bed.

Our Domiciliary Care Services

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There may be times when a family member needs around-the-clock assistance. Loved ones recovering from illness or in the advanced stages of dementia then they can benefit from 24-hour care delivered right in their home.

Thornhill Homecare Services provides highly trained, trustworthy care -givers to assist your loved one with their specific care needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can stop worrying about your loved one returning home from hospital safely, or falling during the night and waiting hours for help to arrive. 24 hour care ensures help is always on hand, giving you peace of mind. Our compassionate care – givers make your loved one’s life easier with these valuable services:

  • Help with toileting, no matter the hour
  • Bathing and dressing assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Companionship, even in the middle of the night
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Immediate telephone contact in case of an emergency

To learn how affordable 24-hour in-home care can be, call your local Thornhill Homecare Services today.

Allowing our clients, regardless of their lifestyle choices, to remain safe in the community is something that makes us really proud at Thornhill Homecare Services. We work closely with medical professionals and guardians to keep people safe and as healthy as possible in the community. Tailored care planning and an understanding of addiction allows us to help clients reach their goals, whatever those goals happen to look like.

At Thornhill Homecare Services, we have provided dementia care for our customers for some years. During this time we’ve developed a real understanding of the needs of people affected by the condition.

Our highly-trained carers know all about the different types and stages of the condition, and they are experienced in helping people and their families cope with the challenges that caring for someone with dementia brings about on a daily basis.

We are absolutely determined to help people living with dementia – caring for people in their own homes is our aim.

There is always so much to learn about when providing dementia care. So, we continue to train our  carers and work closely with organisations, such as Dementia UK to develop our training programmes, enabling us to better provide help for our customers, as well as on-going support for carers.

Do you know?

Thornhill Homecare Services has the experience of supporting customers with dementia; in fact over 50% of our elderly customers have dementia to some degree.

Coming to terms with this illness is hard for both those affected by it and their loved ones. Calling on support for a loved one is one of the toughest decisions you’ll find yourself faced with in life. Many find the idea of inviting someone new into the home very worrying.

That’s why we believe in providing our dementia support services through the entire process. Our friendly team of  carers will talk you through all elements of our person centred care services.

When we provide  home care, we see our customers for what they are – people with emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes. Each person is different,  therefore there’s no one way of providing help and support.

Our carers are enthusiastic and committed to caring for someone with dementia, helping them to live comfortably within the environment they’re most familiar with – their own homes.

That’s because we recognise that the homes of our customers aren’t just buildings. They’re treasure troves, hosting decades’ worth of cherished memories. And when caring for someone with dementia, this continuity and consistency is absolutely vital.

Why Choose Our Carers?

There are many different types of this illness – over a hundred in fact. In more than 20 years, we’ve provided live-in support for people affected by Alzheimer’s, Frontal Temporal (also known as Picks), Lewy Body, Vascular, and many more.

Before joining the team at Thornhill Homecare Services, each of our carers goes through a rigorous training programme. They go thorough training at our Centre of Excellence, as well as a program developed alongside Dementia UK. It’s here they learn to deal with the challenges of caring for someone with dementia.

Our team of carers have contact with our Dementia experts.  We also encourage carers and our customers’ families to call the Thornhill Homecare Services’s helpline if they have any questions whatsoever.

Dementia Home Care Services

With our domiciliary care services, we can help with daily household tasks, like preparing meals, cleaning and running errands, as well as help with medication. However, as well as providing nursing-led dementia care for our customers, our friendly carers also provide full time companionship. They love nothing more than to play a board game, chat over a cup of tea, or go for a stroll in the park with the people they look after.

It’s this warm people-centric approach that we’ve become known for.

Unlike many home care agencies, our carers will provide dementia care in the home for a number of weeks, before taking a break. This allows them to bond and build up a relationship with the people they’re looking after.

Some of our carers have worked with their customers for years. And if a carer happens to fall ill, or needs to take a break, we will ensure that there’s always another qualified professional to step in temporarily. This way you can rest assured that your loved ones will never be left unsupported.

Dementia Action Alliance

Thornhill Homecare Services is pleased to have a working plan with Dementia Action Alliance, which is made up of over 700 organisations committed to transforming the quality of life of people living with the condition in the UK, as well as the millions of people who care for them.

If you’re considering dementia live-in care, you can rely on our carers to always deliver their support always to the highest possible standards.

At Thornhill Homecare Services, we always stress the importance of companionship services and how these services of friendship can be crucial in improving the lives of elderly people living in their own homes. Companionship can bring entertainment, social interaction, and mental stimulation to elderly people, and help to keep feelings of loneliness and isolation at bay, which can be as damaging to elderly people as other physical problems.

If you have ever thought about becoming a carer for the elderly, then it is possible that you may not have thought about the companionship that you could also offer your clients. When thinking about caring, most people consider personal and home help services, such as help with washing and dressing and help with housekeeping, but not many people consider companionship as a specific caring service. This is important to consider if you have ever thought about a career in helping people, but never thought that elderly care jobs are for you. Some people feel uncomfortable with conducting personal care services, and believe that they cannot get a care assistant job, however, you could find an incredibly satisfying career in an elder care companion job.

If you are a friendly, confident, chatty, and sincere person, then you could provide elderly people with hours of happiness by simply engaging with them as a companion. Due to your personable nature, building bonds of trust and friendship should come as no problem to you, and you will find that you will be able to speak to so many different people who have all led rich and varied lives, and you can help them continue to do so, just by being there for them.

How Does Companionship Fit Into The Care Of Elderly?

As people grow older, it can be all too easy for them to become lonely and isolated. As they lose their mobility through illness or general old age, they might not be able to go out and about as they once did, their friends or spouse might have passed away, which could lead to them receiving no or very limited social interaction. This can lead to extreme feelings of depression in elderly people that live alone, as they find themselves lonely and frustrated at not being able to live the life they always have done. A study by Age UK in 2014, sadly reported that over two fifths of all older people say their television is their main company. Most people take for granted the people they see every day, and how easy it is for them to pop out to see someone when they need company, but elderly people should not be forgotten in this respect just because they cannot do the same.

When you think about elderly people that have lonely or depressed feelings like this, then it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine what companionship services could do for them. Elder care companions simply take on the role of a friend, and do what comes naturally to any caring person. This could be anything from general conversation and a quick chat, to helping arrange appointments and travel arrangements, engaging in hobbies and shared interests, such as gardening, writing, or sewing, as well as helping to buy or rent their favourite books and films, recording family history, visiting family and friends, going out for dinner, or even taking them to concerts, plays, and sporting events. Interests and hobbies are part of what makes someone who they are, and companionship services can help to facilitate and sustain the happiness and independence of elderly people who might otherwise feel like they are losing this.

At Thornhill Homecare Services, we believe that these companionship services are crucial, and can often help to slow the onset of immobility, or other diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, because they always have that spark of friendship to look forward to, as well as the mental engagement and stimulation that comes along with it. Companionship services can be offered as a sole caring service, and should be considered as such for elderly people living alone, but at Thornhill Homecare Services we ensure that companionship is also a natural part of the other care services that we offer.

A senior care job with Thornhill Homecare Services can certainly involve home help services, personal care, specialist Alzheimer’s and dementia care, palliative care, convalescent care, and much more, but with each of these areas, our carers aim to provide friendship and companionship in addition to the other tasks and duties they must carry out, regardless of what they are or who their client is. Everyone deserves to have this individual care and attention.

If you are interested in learning more about elder care agency jobs with Thornhill Homecare Services, then you can visit our CAREGiver page, or if you want to find out more about our elder companionship services, than you can go to our services page here.

Thornhill Homecare Services also currently have a number of elder care and senior care jobs available and are always on the lookout for potential care assistants to join the Thornhill Homecare Services team. Please call us now to find out more and to enquire about a position.

At Thornhill Homecare Services we recognise helping you with cleaning your home or other domestic tasks can make a huge difference to your day-to-day life, particularly if these tasks have become more difficult over time. Choosing Thornhill Homecare Services to help with your domestic cleaning duties means you can pursue the activities you enjoy.

Your care worker will be able to undertake light domestic cleaning tasks such as:

  • General house cleaning – dusting and hoovering
  • Tidying up
  • Washing up
  • Changing bed linen
  • Laundry and ironing

Importantly, we guarantee any member of staff visiting you will be fully DBS checked (Criminal Record Disclosure check).

Live-in care for older people from Thornhill Homecare Services works because the care is completely tailored to your way of life. There is no upheaval; everything is on your terms in your home.

It can be a very difficult and emotive decision to acknowledge that the time has come for permanent support to enable your independence and quality of life. Live-in elderly care from Thornhill Homecare Servicesworks on your terms in your home, from professional carers who are dedicated to solely supporting you with dignity and respect.

What type of care do you need?

Staying in Your Own Home
We provide tailored support for a couple as well.

Live-in Care for Couples
Live-in care for couples is a popular care service. It’s understanding that elderly couples do not want to separate when they need support. Thornhill Homecare Services can tailor the care package so that your loved ones remain together.

Thornhill Homecare Services fully supports clients with complex care requirements through the provision of a professional and reliable service. We have rapidly developed a reputation for delivering a responsible and personalised service through our own dedicated meticulous care teams caring for young, middle-aged and older persons.

People suffering from complex health needs (both young and old) are wide ranging and include:

  • People with mental health problems, including ‘severe and lasting’ problems
  • Those disadvantaged by age
  • People with a disability (young and old)

Thornhill Homecare Services’ complex care requirements; we ensure that the services of our care staff are well co-ordinated around the needs of a patient and adopt a strict application to the following:

  • A patient must have a workable strategy to follow treatment recommendations.
  • There must be ongoing evaluation of patient adherence.

We believe that success in this field is connected to strong communication between those receiving care, their families and all the professionals and managers involved in delivering care to a patient with complex care needs.

People whose conditions require complex continuous care frequently require services from different practitioners in multiple settings. We focus on delivering bespoke packages of care to significantly meet the needs of a patient by working attentively with GP’s, Hospitals and whatever organisations are necessary in order to create a significant partnership of trust and confidence. We understand that the continuity of care and care co-ordination to meet individuals’ specific needs is important and highly valued.

Thornhill Homecare Services takes a person-focused attitude to live-in care accepting that each individual is different. We accept and appreciate the “tailored requirements” of every person, such as acknowledging likes and dislikes, daily necessities and in some cases medical needs. We work attentively with a client’s family, their GP, Hospitals and whatever organisations are necessary in order to provide a professional “all-inclusive” service.

Thornhill Homecare Services offers a dependable, understanding and comprehensive care service to people of all ages whether a person is elderly; disabled or debilitated by illness; we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to both clients and their families.

Why have live-in carers?

A live-in carer means that a client and their family need not to be anxious about being alone or ill during the night, family and friends are able to visit for as long or short as they please, and if a person cared for is capable of going out, then a carer will take them on routine visits to the shops, families or friends.  Our aim is to help a person to live life as full as what is sensibly achievable in the comfort of their own home.

It is our objective to create an overall optimistic demeanour to people’s lives by offering an agreeable option to care homes; because our research reveals that up to 95% of people prefer to stay in their own home for as long as a reasonably practicable.  Our service allows individuals to remain comfortable in their own home and most importantly to maintain their lifestyle irrespective of age or illness, as Thornhill Homecare Services’ live-in carers enable a person to receive every support and assistance without having to leave their home.

Our dedicated team work closely with professionals and multidisciplinary teams to arrange packages of palliative care right across the UK, typically within 48 hours of enquiry.

Upon enquiry, we can organise a telephone assessment to be conducted by a member of our Care Management team. Following assessment, final costing is established and the package of palliative home care can start straight away.

We have demonstrable ability to organise seamless same-day and fast starts for palliative care customers, assigning an experienced and knowledgeable Carer to each case. Carers can arrive at customer’s homes really quickly, with a thorough understanding of their physical and psychological requirements.

We have an abundance of Carers with palliative care expertise who regularly work alongside hospices, Macmillan support groups and District Nurses to maintain patient comfort and dignity in the latter stages of life.

Available to CHC palliative cases, our Carers are trained in complex care, including pain management, ventilator care, administration of medication, nebuliser care and bladder/bowel management.

At Thornhill we understand that this is often the most difficult kind of help to accept. That’s why we approach it with the utmost respect for our clients’ dignity, independence and personal pride.

How can we help?

Personal Care is support that involves physical contact between carer and client, and it can include washing, dressing, grooming, toileting and continence care.

Our Care – givers pride themselves on being discreet and professional. Thanks to our detailed care plans, they know exactly how their clients like to maintain their personal routines and will support them to whatever level is necessary, from full support to waiting outside the room in case they are needed.

As limitations evolve, basic hygiene can become a challenge. We can support you or your loved one by helping with:

  • Bathing and showering assistance
  • Bed baths
  • Personal grooming
  • Shaving with an electric razor
  • Oral hygiene
  • Toilet assistance and incontinence care

Our Care-givers are all trained in the latest safe techniques to physically assist throughout personal care and will help their clients to maintain their modesty at a level they feel comfortable with.

People’s needs are as individual as their finger print. Our aim is to support throughout life with a personal approach and an individual and evolving bespoke care plan.

We believe our personal touch makes the tangible difference to our customer’s happiness and overall well-being.

No matter your requirements whether they be mental health or physical disabilities we provide care in your own home and significantly out and about in the community. We work with anyone over the age of 18 years in the Taunton and surrounding areas.

As a company we are ambitious to give the best care and offer an open, robust, workable care package to all our clients using a common sense approach coupled with the latest training and techniques in the industry.

We ask ‘you’ what it is you need and want, we listen and we will do our utmost to enable you to achieve this.

Caring for a loved one can be physically and mentally very demanding. It’s a role that requires 100 per cent commitment, and a lot of selflessness. No matter how committed you are to the needs of the person you’re caring for, you also need to make time for yourself.

Thornhill’s respite care services enable carers to ensure their loved ones receive the help and support they need whilst they take a short break from their roles.

Respite Care in the Home – A Break for Carers

We’ve designed our services to allow you to recharge, safe in the knowledge that your loved one is being looked after by one of our friendly carers. Respite for carers can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks away from the role. So, this short break will enable you to return to caring feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our respite services see warm and friendly temporary carers go into the homes of people affected by a range of conditions to provide short term care. In over the year, we’ve delivered respite support for the carers of elderly people, Dementia respite care, and much more.

Allowing someone else to come into the home can be a tough decision. There are worries over disruption to existing routines, and lifestyle.

Our short term carers recognise the importance of planning any temporary care. They’ll communicate with you to ensure that your loved one’s medical and lifestyle requirements are met during your absence.

Emergency Respite Care

Support for carers isn’t just there for when you feel like you need a break. If you become ill, or you have to go into hospital, you can call on our emergency respite carers whilst you recuperate.

Through our emergency respite services, we enable you to rest assured that your loved one will continue to get the care they need in their own home.

We understand that emergency situations arise with no prior warning. There’s often very little time to plan for emergency respite care. We have a large pool of carers, who are enthusiastic about the people they look after and the roles they serve, across the UK.

This means you can always rely on us to arrange for a carer to provide short term care in the home quickly and efficiently.

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