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Elderly Care

Live-in care for older people from Thornhill Homecare Services works because the care is completely tailored to your way of life. There is no upheaval; everything is on your terms in your home.

It can be a very difficult and emotive decision to acknowledge that the time has come for permanent support to enable your independence and quality of life. Live-in elderly care from Thornhill Homecare Servicesworks on your terms in your home, from professional carers who are dedicated to solely supporting you with dignity and respect.

What type of care do you need?
  • Staying-in-Your-Own-Home
    Staying in Your Own Home
    We provide tailored support for a couple as well.
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  • Live-In-Care-for-Couples
    Live-in Care for Couples
    Live-in care for couples is a popular care service. It’s understanding that elderly couples do not want to separate when they need support. Thornhill Homecare Services can tailor the care package so that your loved ones remain together.
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