Our supported living is based on positive outcomes and expertise of developing environments that focus on promoting and encouraging the individual’s independence and functioning.

The type of support you receive is controlled by you and with our staff, you will develop a personalised support plan based on your interests, priorities and skills. From help with personal care needs and managing finances, to finding education, work or leisure activities – you decide!

This can be in a variety of settings dependent on your needs, circumstances and goals but they could include any of the following:

Shared living

Individuals who want to be independent but aren’t completely ready to be alone are provided with the option of shared living. The advantage here is that you will occupy a space of your own but you also have the chance to mingle and socialise with people who are similar to you. Communal spaces and household bill costs are shared in this model.

Low Needs

In cases where there is minimal support required and an individual chooses to live in his or her own space, we suggest independent living. We can either utilise your property or put you through to our housing agents to find an ideal location that fits your needs.

Medium Needs

Support can be provided anywhere between 4-12 hours per day for people who prefer independent living. This setting is based on a shared accommodation of 2-4 beds. Here, you can access an on call manager to get your support whenever required and when the staff isn’t around too.

High Needs

We offer 24 hours high needs service for those who require intensive support and step down service for those with medium and low needs. Medium to low support can be anything from a few hours to 12 hours per day.

Apartment living

This is an option where you have a lot of liberty and freedom. It is a setup where your own apartment has some shared space. You get to decide if and when you want to interact or socialise.

Stepping stone accommodation

While you are hanging on to long-term support solution, this setup provides stability. Helping you strategically plan your future, this support system equips you with appropriate skills which make you independent and when we realise you are fully ready, we facilitate you in ways you can move on in life.

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